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VEFO - Installation

Many foam projects are being coated with one of the numerous synthetic Exterior Insulation and finish systems being marketed today, such as those manufactured by Sto®, Dryvit®, Senergy®, Omega®, etc.*

The foam is attached to the brown coat using the synthetic wall system base coat material as an adhesive, and allowed to dry for 24 hours. After drying, the same base coat material is troweled directly onto the foam shape, with a fiberglass mesh embedded into the base coat for improved physical integrity and durability.

Allow at least 2" of extra mesh around the edges to attach above and below the foam shape. Again, let dry for 24 hours. The stucco finish coat is then applied to the entire wall and foam shape as usual.

Rather than applying a standard stucco finish coat to the foam shape after it has been primed with the mesh and synthetic base coat, the final step can be completed with application of a synthetic stucco/ color coat. (Other finishes can also be obtained through the use of paint, Portland cement, etc. over the base coat.)

Use of a synthetic base coat is ideal for shapes with fine details, as the coating thickness is approximately 1/4" or less, allowing the plaster to easily retain the design.

*Other material suppliers include LA HABRA, OMEGA AND MERLEX

Here at VEFO, Inc., we are frequently asked how to install and finish VEFOAM® architectural shapes. The above information has been compiled to detail the most commonly used method of foam installaion and finishing and is a method which has proven to be very successful. It is important to remember that VEFOAM® cut foam provides the shape itself, but the impact resistance and durability comes from the coating materials applied to it. It is also important to remember that foam shapes are designed to be decorative and are not meant to be load-bearing nor to support human weight.

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